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Writer Justin Mc Elroy commented that he had fond memories of it, and has no worry of how well it has aged since its release on the NES, feeling that puzzle games stay "enjoyable forever"; however, he criticized the music, saying that its looping drove players "ever closer to the dark edge of madness".

Game Spot's Frank Provo called it addictive, commenting that the gameplay holds up in the current day.

The game features Prince Lolo and his attempts to rescue his girlfriend Lala from the diabolical King Egger by solving a series of puzzle rooms involving collecting hearts and avoiding enemies.

This game is of the "labyrinth" model of Eggerland games which, unlike the sequential "tower" format evident in the Adventures of Lolo series, provides the player with non-linear branching paths to follow in the form of multiple exits for each stage.

Others will not kill him, but can impede his movement by standing still or freezing in place when touched.

The player can restart a screen at any time, at the cost of one life.

He added that while the characters were cute, the graphics were simple, and that the game could be finished in one day.

Lolo and Lala, the game's protagonists, have appeared under the monikers Lololo and Lalala in Kirby's Dream Land and later in its adaptation in Kirby Super Star, as well as in Kirby's Avalanche, where they play an antagonistic role.

Within each room, Lolo must collect several hearts in order to open a treasure chest and collect the gem inside, which will open the exit to the next room or floor.

The player must navigate the obstacles in each room and avoid or neutralize several different types of enemies, which vary by movement and attack pattern. The player can move, slide certain blocks around the screen, and fire a limited number of shots at enemies.

Much of the game's resources and levels actually come from Eggerland Mystery 2, though there's a lot of extra elements as well.

The series would become better known in the West as Adventures of Lolo.

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